I love being an actor. It was the very first discipline I learned and it carried into my music training and my dancing. One of my mentors told me very early on, if you can be a triple threat you’ll never stop working. She was almost right. While I’ve certainly had my dry spells in the business I’ve been very grateful to have worked as an actor solidly for 25+ years. I’ve been able to exercise so many different muscles I’ve developed in a wide range of productions and roles. From the classic song and dance man, BOBBY CHILD in Crazy for You at Ogunquit Playhouse to JAMES LEEDS in Children of a Lesser God at Keen Company. From originating the Danny Kaye role, PHIL DAVIS in the World and Broadway premieres of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas to the mentally fractured MICHAEL in John Kander and Greg Pierce’s Kid Victoryat the Vineyard Theatre, my career has been and continues to be wide ranging and that makes me (and my mentor) very happy. People often ask me what I like doing the most. It’s usually whatever I’m doing at the time. But the acting has always come first. Whether I’m hamming it up in a Ken Ludwig comedy, singing Sondheim or doing a Donald Margulies play it’s always about the story. 

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